Federman group activities began in 1960, when Isaac Federman founded the first company. The company's main activity was the representation of foreign companies supplying raw materials for the rubber and plastics industries. With the passage of years, the son Shalom joined the group activity. the company expanded its activities to other subjects and in recent years the activity focuses on two main areas - agriculture and food industries.


The Group operates in the field of agriculture through "Gat Ferzilizers Ltd." company, which owns five factories producing multi nutrient liquid fertilizers (N-P-K), two in Israel and three in Spain. The company has developed unique technology capabilities, required for intensive crops like citrus, deciduous fruits, vegetables, greenhouse crops and the like. The company specializes in the manufacture, marketing and logistical operations of agricultural products adapted to all types of crops ("Tailor-Made"). The brand "Gat" is the leading brand in areas where it operates.


In the food industry, the group operates through its "Landwer Coffee Ltd." Company, which is the first coffee producer in Israel and second largest. In recent years the company has upgraded all of its production values and deepened its penetration to new market segments. In addition to the retail market, The company operates in the professional market (HO.RE.CA) and Office Coffee Solutions market (OCS). It should also be noted that in addition to manufacturing its own Landwer coffee brand, the company manages and sells the international brands of "illy", a renowned worldwide espresso brand and  "Rombouts" Coffee, one of the largest filter cups manufacturer in the world.