Gat Fertilizers


In 1985 the company established Its first plant to produce liquid fertilizer in Kiryat Gat. The Establishment of the plantand the service accompanying it, set new standards for service, in order to best match customer needs. Following the success of the fertilizer plant in the south, Gat founded in 1992 the other project in the north, which was copied in 1999 to the industrial area in Alon Ha'tavaor. 


Other markets breakthrough began in 1993, when the company established the first plant in the south of Spain in Andalucía, Niebla, near the city Seville. This project was a pioneer of Gat activities abroad. Later the activity was expanded and today we act in Spain with a total of three plants – Two in Andalucía (Niebla and Almeria) and one in Extremadura (Lobon). This allows us to encompass an extensive area in Spain. 

Over the years the company has developed a wide range of agricultural products in response to the growing needs of the farmers. This was possible thanks to the wide agronomic knowledge combined with advanced technology. The result was not late to arrive in a form of thousands of formulas of liquid fertilizer, wide variety of solid fertilizer and "Inbar" - fertilizer suspension which is a combination of best of both worlds: Solid fertilizer and liquid fertilizer; Cilati innovative micro elements like "Fru-Gat Plus 2%", Low Burette urea and many fine products. In addition we are working on the development of advanced fertilizer application.

We have always tried to make sure we bring our customers the best of our knowledge, gained in national and international fields, and we plan to do so in the future.