Landwer Coffee


In 1919 Moshe Landwer opened a small coffee shop in the center of Berlin that quickly became a popular meeting place. In addition to the coffee shop, the family also operated a small coffee roasting facility. In 1933 when the Nazis came to power in Germany, the family decided to immigrate to Israel. Immediately after their arrival to Tel-Aviv, the Landwer family opened their first coffee roasting plant in the famous Alenbi Street. Later, when the business expanded the family moved the original coffee shop to 121 Alenbi Street.

In the 40's and 50's "Landwer Coffee" became the most popular brand in Israel. During the strict austerity times of the 50's, when the Finance Minister, Mr. Dov Yosef, encouraged cheap replacement Items like "Chicory", Landwer kept selling its high quality, real coffee blends. In view of the growing demand, in 1964 the production facilities were moved again and this time to the industrial zone of Holon, where they are still located today, utilizing about 1,000 square Meter.


In the early 80's, the Federman family acquired Landwer Coffee. Today, Mr. Shali Federman is the Owner and CEO of Landwer Coffee and under his leadership the company is continuing its conservative and strict quality control policy. Well aware of the challenges of the 21st century, Landwer Coffee responded vigorously in recent years by investing in new production lines, rebranding and expanding distribution to new geographic areas.


Landwer's roasted beans and ground coffee are kept throughout the production process in an oxygen free atmosphere, in order to preserve the special aroma and flavor of the coffee. In 2004 the company upgraded its roasting facilities by installing a new state-of-the-art roasting machine (made by "Probat"). Today, Landwer offers a variety of great tasting, fresh coffee blends that consist of the highest quality coffee beans.


Landwer proudly sells the "Original" black coffee brand (Turkish Coffee), also known as "The Blue label". In addition Landwer offers the new "Fresh Ground Morning Coffee" and a new unique blend of "Espresso Flavored Black Coffee". Both new blends are based on superior Arabica coffee beans and illustrate the exceptional capabilities of Landwer - "from bean to cup".


Landwer has the exclusive distribution rights in Israel to all market segments of the renowned Italian espresso brand "illy". Further, Landwer is the exclusive distributer in Israel of the Belgium coffee brand "Rombouts," one of the largest filter coffee manufacturers in the world.